Let us find out what the public thinks? Shall we?

First, like any good researcher, I hit the streets to get a little information from my peers about what they thought about the campaign. While data and information other researchers have done is great to read and put into a blog like this ( which of course will appear later), it is, in my opinion, cooler to hear right from the consumers/audience what they thought about the campaign.

I gathered together 10 women of different races from the ages of 18-38 and asked them all the same questions. The 7 women from 18-21 were in different colleges across the United States, and two of the three older women had graduated college. While I thought it would be interesting to see if there were any variations in opinion in respects to age, race and college degree I was most interested in the overall response to the campaign.

Here are the questions.

1. Did you like the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty?

2. What was your very first thought, if you can remember, when you saw the first ad?

3. How did you think others would respond to it?

4. Do you think Dove was/is manipulating women into purchasing their product? By this I mean do you feel as if Dove is exploiting the bad beauty standard to sell products?

At this point when I gave out this survey I was undecided whether I thought Dove was exploiting or manipulating the market so the results helped shape my feelings a little. Of the the women polled, 8 liked the campaign, the other two (Caucasian college students) had no feelings about it, all 10 women’s first thoughts were something like “surprise or shock”, 9 women believed others would respond “well” to the campaign while one ( Caucasian college student) didn’t think others would care, and only one ( Caucasian college student) believed the campaign was actually orchestrated to solely (I say solely because all campaigns are created to make money) generate revenue.  I’ve inserted a poll for you to take if you’re interested ! Enjoy !

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