So, what’s the campaign all about anyway?

So you must be wondering what this campaign is all about aren’t you… lets take a look…

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is a Worldwide marketing campaign that the minds of Ogilvy & Mather Toronto marking agency and Edelman Public Relations and Harbinger Communications created in 2004 that not only involves print and commercial ads but viral videos, sleepover events, a book and a “Self Esteem fund.”

The ads themselves feature normal looking women, not models, but real women usually naked or in underwear. The campaign was to challenge the beauty norm and western beauty standards. The real women were found through newspaper ads, opposed to the traditional modeling agency.

This is the Dove philosophy, “At Dove, we believe that it is time to help all women and young girls around the world embrace their beauty and their potential by developing a more inclusive definition of beauty. Real beauty is the confidence to be yourself. Honest and open-minded, beauty comes in every shape, size, colour and age, including yours. That is what you told us. And we agree. It’s time for a change. The Campaign For Real Beauty is our commitment to broaden narrow definitions of beauty. To challenge stereotypes. To celebrate the diverse, the healthy, the real, the truly beautiful. We hope you’ll take part.”

Interesting no? Why is a company that is supposed to be selling products that improve your appearance telling us that we are perfect the way we are? Well, that’s the thing they are- selling a lot of products. On youtube one of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty videos has received over 3 million views ! The campaign has stimulated more buzz than any one in a long time. Why? Check out these facts.

* Only two percent of women would refer to themselves as “beautiful”

* Sixty- three percent of women “strongly agree” that society expects women to enhance their physical attractiveness.

* Forty- five percent of women feel women who are more beautiful actually have more opportunities in life.

* 68 percent of women strongly agree that ” the media and advertising set an unrealistic standard of beauty that most woman can’t achieve.

* 78 percent wish female beauty was portrayed in the media as being made up of more than just “physical attractiveness”

* 75 percent went on to say that they wish the media did a better job of portraying women as “diverse physical attractiveness, including shape and size”

So, why wouldn’t a campaign giving women everything they’ve specifically asked for fair well? This leads many to ask whether or not Dove is exploiting women’s desires or women’s fears to gain profit.

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